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Pysanky For Ukraine!

Local Pysanky Artists, Natalya and Chrystya Geremesz contribute their eggs to the Ukrainian National Institute project: The Pysanka: A Symbol of Hope (

Ancient legend says that as long as people are creating pysanky the world will continue to exist. The installation not only contains these "magical" eggs but it is also surrounded by symbolic, traditional objects and artifacts- the rushnyk (ritual cloth) -a talisman which accompanied one from birth to death. Barvinok (periwinkle) never dies; It is forever green and symbolizes health and eternal life. Kalyna is a symbol of beauty while wheat represents the bread which is so important in the Ukrainian culture. And the candle placed among the wheat stalks is wrapped in a red ribbon meant to scare away evil spirits.

When the war ends these egg shells will travel to Ukraine. As pysanky are a symbol of rebirth they will symbolically help with the rebirth of the nation.

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