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UAST's 30th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet

Our Programs

Since 1983, UAST has provided it's members and guests many opportunities to celebrate the rich traditions of Ukraine through planned activities.


Yearly Activities

We invite you to join us!


Throughout the year, UAST Board Members coordinate events that highlight Ukrainian holidays and cultural activities which provide an opportunity for fellowship, entertainment, education and remembrance. 

Young Members


There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer as a young member of UAST. Middle and High School Students can earn community service / extra credit, so contact us and learn ways to help!

Corporate or Small Business


Are you looking to advertise your business?  Submit your information to UAST and we will review various opportunities for your information to be in front of our community. 

Taras Shevchenko

Famous Ukrainian Poet

Taras Shevchenko is the most famous Ukrainian Artist and Poet who is honored more than any other figure in Ukraine. He gave his life for Ukraine after many years in prison for his love and expression of everything Ukrainian.


During the times of the Soviet Union, Ukrainian culture, language, religion and many customs were forbidden.  Ukrainian communities around the world hold yearly events to commemorate Ukrainian Poet's legacies. 

Taras Shevchenko Event 2016
Presentation on Ukr Poets
Taras Shevchenko 2015
Taras Shevchenko Event 2014
Taras Shevchenko Event 2014

Ukrainian Independence Day

Ukrainians are very passionate about their traditions, finding every opportunity to share with others all the beautiful customs that bring our community together while never forgetting the past struggles our country and ancestors had to endure to achieve freedom. The Bandura, Ukraine's treasured national instrument is showcased at various Ukrainian holidays and special events. We are fortunate to have a few Bandura players and one of them, Mark Krasij has even composed some songs that he shares here:

Zapovit  and Topolya - Enjoy!!

00:00 / 04:04
00:00 / 02:40

Community Presentations

Our mission is to promote, preserve and celebrate our culture. We can promote our culture by educating those around us, especially children and their parents. UAST occasionally is invited to present our culture at international events and we are happy to showcase our beautiful items of embroidery, wooden crafts, jewelry, pysanky and musical instruments!

The ruZZian invasion of Ukraine has spiked interest by citizens of the world to know more about Ukraine and it's people.  We are happy to visit your group and share the culture, language and traditions of the Ukrainian nation.

UAST at Hickey Elementary Sept 2016
Chrystya Geremesz Bandura
Hickey Elementary Passbook
Performers at Hickey Elem
UASTHickey Elementary Cultural Night

UAST Cultural Scholarship Awards

The Ukrainian American Society of Texas is pleased to provide a monetary award to a young adult under the age of 21 who has attended an event that will help to preserve and promote the Ukrainian Culture. This includes but is not limited to Ukrainian music, language, dance classes or camps.


The Ukrainian American Society will contribute an annual amount of $250 with additional funds potentially being added from individual donations and/or from a selected fundraiser during the year.  Participation in a Ukrainian class or camp must result in demonstration of sharing this information within the Dallas/Fort Worth community. The scholarship will be awarded without regard to creed, color, sex or religion. Review the guidelines here and download the application by October 15th, here.

UAST Academic Scholarship Awards

The Ukrainian American Society of Texas is pleased to support the efforts of our Ukrainian community's students who commit themselves to higher education. The Academic Scholarship is awarded to students of Ukrainian heritage or lineage who are currently seniors in high school and plan to attend college in the fall.  If the student did not apply during their senior year, they can apply for the scholarship in their first year of college.

UAST will contribute a minimum annual amount of $300 to the Academic Scholarship Award per recipient. The scholarship will be awarded without regard to creed, color, sex or religion. The deadline for submission is before the Independence Day Event.  Review the guidelines here and you can obtain the application here.

KROGER Community Rewards Program

Once a year your can enroll in Kroger Rewards Program and a percentage of your purchases will be matched by Kroger and donated to UAST.  This is a win-win!  Tell your friends about it too!

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