English Catechetical Summer Camps In Ukraine

Volunteers are needed every summer to visit locations in Ukraine designated as educational hotspots and teach the English language to children of all ages.  The program is being organized by the Sisters of St. Basil the Great in Philadelphia, PA.

This is a terrific opportunity to visit Ukraine, see it's beauty and connect with it's culture while giving back to the community. Your meals and lodging are generously provided by the Sisters located in the chosen locations while your transportation to and from to centers in Ukraine will be your personal expense.

To learn more and plan your memorable trip, contact Sister Ann Laszok, OSBM at 412-260-1607 or email: srannl@aol.com

To request and preview videos and photos of the 2016 English Teaching Camp visit 2016@HaritanPhotography.com

If you prefer to donate financially instead of personally attending the camp, send your generous donations to:

Sister Dorothy Ann Busowski, OSBM at 710 Fox Chase Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046

United Ukrainian American Relief Committee, Inc. - UUARC

UUARC is a non profit organization committed to helping Ukrainian Families both here and abroad. Due to the Russian invasion in eastern Ukraine, the need to help with displaced families, orphaned children, wounded soldiers and the over-burdened elderly is great.  UUARC has initiated a relief program entitled "Family-to-Family" where you can sponsor a family needing dire assistance.

The choice programs are:

Adopt A Wounded Ukrainian Soldier

This program began in 2014 and continues to require participation to assist the many brave wounded soldiers of Ukraine. For $25 per month, or $300 per year, your donation will help to pay for medicine, medical equipment, clothing, food and other necessities. You will be provided the name and location of the soldier whom you helped.

Soup Kitchen

Various locations such as Lviv, Mykolayiv, Ponornytsia, Chernihivska, Nova Odesa and Mykolayivska oblasts help feed veterans of UPA, former prisoners from the Soviet Camps, invalids and orphans all enjoy a four course meal. Most of the soup kitchens feed from 25 to 35 people and are very similar to our USA, Meals on Wheels program which also deliver food packages to over 84 individuals. Funds are needed on an ongoing basis to keep this program operating successfully.

Adopt A Grandparent

Many elderly are in desperate need of assistance, in 1999 UUARC recognized their plight and established this program to assist with various services, both medical and social.  There is a desperate need for this support and $20 per month will sponsor one elderly person.

Orphan Children Sent To Summer Camps

The need to help the vulnerable and forgotten children of Ukraine, this program offers these children a ray of hope and sunshine where they can enjoy being children while learning and hiking excursions.  Camps have been held in the Gray Zone near the Black Sea, the Rohatyn, Region and in the Carpathian Mountains.  Many of these children require constant attention due to their exposure to the war and the loss of family members. Any donation is an important one, so please consider giving generously.

Another program for the orphaned children is called "EduCare" which ships children shoes, clothes and developmental supplies. Money is also provided for baby formula, medicine and other humanitarian necessities. The need for these orphans are overwhelming and so much more needs to be done to give these children a fighting chance to be good citizens.

Physical Therapy Equipment Shipped to the Military Hospitals In Ukraine

In union with the Malynowsky Estate, UUARC has initiated a project to equip the Ukrainian Military Hospitals with physical therapy equipment within a close proximity to the war zone. A list of needs were presented by the doctors and therapists and any cooperation within the medical community of the United States is greatly appreciated.

General Aid Committe

There are numerous medical needs within Ukraine since most of their equipment is outdated.  Any assistance from the US Medical community is helpful and encouraged.  Life saving surgeries are required and often cannot be performed due to lack of medical equipment and treatments.  Please consider donating to this effort of ongoing medical needs.

Please call 215-728-1630 or visit www.uuarc.org or email at uuarc@uuarc.org  for further information.