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As Ukraine continues to unfold her beautiful culture and rich history to the world, UAST, through our outreach, brings you closer to the wonders of this ancient country and the many traditions held within its borders!

The Bandura -

National Instrument

Wooden Churches 

Pysanky - Ancient Art          Form on Eggs

Ukrainian Recipes
Colorful Embroidery
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Internet Encyclopedia            of Ukraine

Trident, the Official Emblem of Ukraine


Largest Country in Europe

Center of Europe: Rahiv, Ukraine

Population:   43,310,250 (Before War)

Size: 233,000 Square Miles

Highest Elevation: 6762 Feet

Civilization  300,000 Years Ago

Language:  Ukrainian

Over 100 Nationalities Live in Ukraine

Alphabet: Cyrillic

Capital City:  Kyiv

Currency:  Hryvnia

World's First Constitution

Most Recent Independence Day 8-24-91

HOLODOMOR - Worst European Genocide: 1932-33

National Flower:    Sunflower

National Soup:     Borscht

Most Fertile Land in Europe

Most Beautiful Women in World

National Instrument:   Bandura

Longest Instrument in the World: Trembita

Largest Airplane in World​: Antonov An-225 Mriya

World's First Gas Lamp Invention

Oldest home and Map in the World is Found in Mezhirich

Current Map of Ukraine