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Fascinating Culture, History and More!


As Ukraine continues to unfold her beautiful culture and rich history to the world, UAST, through our outreach, brings you closer to the wonders of this ancient country and the many traditions held within its borders!

The Bandura -

National Instrument

Wooden Churches 

Pysanky - Ancient Art          Form on Eggs

Ukrainian Recipes
Colorful Embroidery

Tryzub,  the Official Emblem of Ukraine

Educational Classes on Ukraine

Ukraine: History, Culture & Identities: 

A short introductory course in the history, culture, and society of Ukraine from the Middle Ages to the present. The course is aimed not only to provide basic knowledge of Ukrainian history and culture but to reveal Ukrainian impact on European and world history.  The course is in English and free of charge!

The Making of Modern Ukraine 

A free beginner level course at Yale University by Instructor, Timothy Snyder

Ukraine in Europe

Ukraine map.JPG
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