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Captain Paul Kim Gave the Ultimate Sacrifice For Ukraine

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Captain Paul Lee Kim, a United States Army soldier served with the International Legion and established himself as a competent military specialist. When Russia attacked Ukraine, he felt compelled to join the Ukrainian Army. On October 5, 2022 Captain Kim gave the ultimate sacrifice for freedom in Mykolaiv, Ukraine.

Together with the Consulate General of Ukraine, Vitaliy Tarasiuk, UAST Board Member, Chrystya Geremesz gave personal condolences to the Kim family on behalf of the Ukrainian Community/UAST. A Ukrainian flag was hand delivered from Ukraine by a fellow soldier and presented to Kim family following the funeral services.

Our local Ukrainian community, showing their respect for Captain Kim, attended the funeral services followed by the interment at the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery. His valor and bravery for Ukraine will always be remembered. Vichnaya Pamyat - Memory eternal

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